Our Team

An overview of our organization leaders.
ExoWorlds can only produce what it does through the efforts of everyone who works here. Together we are able to achieve something that none of us could alone, so take a look at the talented people that make us who we are and how our organization is set up to handle the challenges of innovating in an ever-growing industry.
NOTE: ExoWorlds and its members refers to ExoWorlds Foundation Ltd, the non-profit foundation based in Singapore.

Managing Partners

Electronic Business Card — Lucas Saint Laurent

Founder and CEO of ExoWorlds

Studied Applied Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. Partner of VeChain Stats, leading block explorer on VeChain. Founder of Cryptographic Studio.
Quote from Lucas
'I originally had the idea for ExoWorlds as an airbrush and spray-paint artist a few years ago. I envisioned an AR experience for my physical artworks where users would look at a painting of a exoplanet, shining against the darkness of space, and their augmented reality would expand the borders of space to swallow the user into an immersive orbit around the planet. I love building neat things, I love art, I love composing music, and I all-around love using my creativity! I see our capacity for imagination as an immeasurable gift and an inalienable right, to exercise it is the greatest joy and passion in my life, and will always be."
Electronic Business Card — William Campbell

Co-founder and COO of ExoWorlds

Studied Corporate Finance at Roehampton University, achieving a 3.9 GPA. Partner of VeChain Stats. Director at New Moon Capital, Private Digital Assets Investment fund.
Quote from William
"When my brother, Lucas, called me up and told me he wanted to take all the ideas we have ever loved (Space, Sci-fi, Futurism, Aliens) and transform them into something tangible within a new industry full of potential, I dropped everything I was doing at my Investment Fund and asked him what he needed me to do. To this day ExoWorlds has become my life; it's my passion, the idea of bringing people around the world an experience in the stars like no other while taking advantage of the latest financial and data technologies is something that needs to be fought for."

Sales & Marketing

Electronic Business Card — Ronnie Mueller

CMO of ExoWorlds

Bachelor in International Management, Specialization in Marketing at New European College. 2.5 years experience in Sales & Marketing and helping build up a start-up at New Mobility AG . 1.5 years of experience in Project Management at MOTORWORLD.
Quote from Ronnie
"I have been a gamer my whole life and I always wanted to be part of building a new video game, to be able to do that while inside the cryptocurrency industry that I love is amazing! It is important for me to add my years of experience as a gamer to help make this game awesome! Additionally, I love wrecking noobs!"
Electronic Business Card — Diego Freitas

Sales Director Brasil

Twelve years of experience in the granite industry as a salesperson, then opened his own company. Career life included international fairs and traveling to various states and countries to open new sales partnerships.
Quote from Diego
"Coming to ExoWorlds was a huge change in industry for me. I've been working in the Marble and Granite industry for 12 years and blockchain is a new world. However as I participated more in meetings and networking events, I realized how my sales skills and making contacts transferred over quite easily. I've been able to expand the reach here in Brasil by making valuable contacts and getting them onboard with the ExoWorlds Idea. It will be very interesting to see where this industry can take my career for the next 12 years."

Business Development

Electronic Business Card — Gabriel Guerra

CBO of ExoWorlds

Bachelors in International Business and Economics at The George Washington University. Business and marketing consultant for several start-up projects. 3+ years experience with financial advisory, consulting, and education; 2+ years in marketing management for ACT Investments and JuneSix Capital.
Quote from Gabriel
"When I embarked on this mission I was tasked with developing business relationships and finding creative ways to better the user experience. Without much prior knowledge of the crypto industry, I quickly found myself immersed in this new world where the interactions and nuances were completely different from what I had seen before. This sparked an interest in me and has led me to do whatever is necessary to take ExoWorlds to the place that it needs to be, applying a lot of what I leaned working in both marketing and finance to do so. ExoWorlds is more than just a game, and more than just a crypto project, we are paving the way for the future of the entire industry, and that really excites me."

Game Development

Director of Game Development of ExoWorlds

Bachelors in Computer and Networking from the University Of Civil Engineering in Egypt. Worked at International IBM as a lead UE5 developer for a massive 3d application project, MarsRoof as a game developer and 2d animator, dolf technologies as a 2d animator, as well as lots of freelancing.
Quote from Fouad
"Working at ExoWorlds is like the most perfectly fit challenge for me taking all my previous experiences in 3d technology to one place. We've faced challenges to develop planets procedurally, then matching and handling them in a massive database, then taking them to be be visualized in Unreal Engine 5. It's been a long journey and there's a lot much to do. ExoWorlds won't be same as any other game with a lot of open possibilities regarding the regular game creation challenges."
Head Blockchain Game Developer of ExoWorlds
Bachelor's degree in computer science, specialization in Data Structure, Algorithms and Problem solving at Hanoi University. 10 years of experience in game industry, worked on 50+ game projects so far, specifically Metaverse development with Unreal Engine and Blockchain.
Quote from Loi
"Exoworlds is the best project that I have ever worked on as full stack game developer. Exoworlds has valuable plugins for people can connect to blockchain network inside game, something I am proud to have had a hand in making. I also fell in love with the project because of the game itself. The mythology and storyline and potential the ExoWorlds has in huge. Looking forward to b

Web3 Development

Head Developer of ExoWorlds

Studied Computer Science and Networking in National University of Singapore. 6+ years of Frontend Development - React JS / Vue JS / HTML / SASS / Bootstrap 5+ years of Backend Development - PHP / Node JS / Firebase 5 + years of Full Stack Development - Laravel / MERN Stack / Gatsby / Next JS
Quote from Adam
"When I was young, I wanted to be an astronomer and used to dream of flying through galaxies. When I met Lucas and William, the project leaders, and become a developer of ExoWorlds, I couldn't believe that I might soon get that chance. As Exoworlds is getting more sophisticated and friendly to users, my dream is coming closer to reality, which makes me feel that I'm one of the guys creating this reality. I'd say, Exoworlds is not virtual-reality, it's an actual reality being created. I'm a lucky man who can see my dreams coming true."